A Bespoke Logo Mat for a wedding or special event

Weddings are big business here in Ireland, with more than 20,000 weddings on average per year and an eye-watering median spend of €25,000. Venues, planners and DIY brides frequently search for special, unique touches to add flair and make their weddings stand out.

A great way to do this is to create a bespoke Logo Mat to display at the ceremony or reception. Our Logo mats are made from nylon pile with 100% nitrile rubber backing, so they are high quality and slip-resistant. The mats are printed with the latest technology and a wide ranging colour palette of 151 colours, allowing for incredible detail, shadowing, photographic reproduction and 3D effects.

You can print an image, a logo or a message on the mats – for example, a couple might be able to recreate an image from their wedding invitation (as in the image below), a family crest, or write a personal message to their guests on the mat. The logo mats make for a unique talking point at the event, and a personal keepsake for years to come afterwards.

Another must-have for weddings is a red carpet runner. These are available in a variety of widths and lengths, and add a sense of occasion to any event.

Logo Mats and Red Carpet Runners can be promoted as part of an overall wedding package by hotels, venues and wedding planners. We also sell direct, so if there are any creative, DIY brides out there this is the right place to look for unique inspiration and ideas and we would be pleased to help you organise a logo mat or a red carpet runner for your wedding.

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