Entrance Matting Systems…it’s a Multiple Deal!

michael_lyngIn today’s business world, image is all-important, and especially so if you are part of a multiple.

Branding plays a huge part where businesses are replicated from outlet to outlet and consistency of visual impact is vital.

Familiarity impacts in many ways on your customer, and a recognisable image instils an almost ‘psychological’ security by its subliminal messaging system – we all experience this comfort daily ourselves with the existence of many worldwide food restaurant chains, retail and grocery stores, home and DIY outlets, service and industry applications etc. which tell us in advance what we can expect to receive.

Footfall specialise in ensuring consistency in threshold image in multiples, and we understand the importance to you, our client, as much as to your customers. We currently are approved suppliers to many such groups or multiples – proof that when it comes to image, safety, product performance, cost efficiency and customer care, Footfall are the experts in our field of entrance matting systems.

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