Footfall Exterior Logo Mats

Footfall Exterior Logo Mats


Footfall exterior logo mats are custom-printed brush entrance mats for outdoor use.This high quality multi-functional dust control mat not only scrapes and cleans shoes to prevent dirt and moisture getting tracked in to facilities, it also provides an excellent opportunity to promote a brand or company name because most people primarily look to the floor.

The 17mm deep Brush Logo Mat is a perfect scraper mat for outdoor protected areas and can be fully customized.  A state-of-the-art printing technology is used that allows 3-dimensional effects, fine lines and colour shading so that each mat has a truly individual image. It also offers superior colourfastness. Sizes available: 60x90cm, 90x120cm, 90x150cm, 120x180cm. Custom lengths: 90cm x linear meter, 120cm x linear meters. Bevelled Nosing 11mm.

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