Footfall Rubber Photo Mats

With our Rubber Photo Mats your high resolution image is printed onto thermo-plastic material which is then set into strong nitrile rubber. UV resistant so it will not diminish when exposed to sunlight. We recommend these mats be placed indoors. The nitrile rubber mat is slip resistant, and the texture helps to remove contaminants from passing feet. 


Sizes available:

75 x 85cm – maximum logo size 50 x 60cm 

85 x 150cm – maximum logo size 60 x 120cm

115 x 180cm – maximum logo size 90 x 125cm

Please note: that there is a tolerance of +/- 5cm on logo and design mats. 


Benefits of our logo mats

         Superior quality logo mats from Footfall, a 100% Irish owned company based in Galway

         Our logo mats are idea for branding, promoting and enhancing your business image

         Suitable for restaurants, hotels, retail, events and commercial use

         Can display any high resolution image 

         3mm nitrile, non-slip rubber backing for added weight and safety

         Anti-Fatigue benefits 

         Our logo mats last for years – with no rental costs!

         Made in 7-10 working days

         No minimum order required