Corrugation of loose laid mats

16 nov

When purchasing a loose laid mat or dust mat try and verify its inherent quality before you purchase. This is a photo of a mat that just will not flatten out satisfactorily on the floor. It is definitely a trip hazard. So while it has been introduced to this building to improve safety, it is, in effect, the reverse. If you really need a loose laid mat of high quality ensure that it will not be so light as to blow over in the wind when someone opens the door. Purchase mats with 3mm nitrile rubber backing. Mats with 3mm safety backing will not corrugate like this mat shown in the photo.

Click here to see our collection of high performance, 100% nitrile-rubber backed dust mats. A great alternative to traditional rental mats that will see real cost savings add up! Or contact us for more information. 

Photographic Promotional Mats

Photographic Promotional Mats are high resolution photographic logo mats which help promote products and events. Promo Matting offers custom mats in a wide variety of styles. They are ideal for seasonal campaigns, exhibitions and once-off events taking place for specific periods during the year.

Our Promo Mats are easy to place and remove, with non-slip rubber backing and a low profile. They are of photo quality when printed and have excellent, vibrant graphics to catch the attention of your customers. 

Promo mats are especially useful for making the most of floor space at events. At trade shows and expos, exhibitors sometimes only see the wall space and forget that the floor offers a large area for advertisement and promotion. Floor space is the biggest available area (next to using the ceiling) and is an effective communication space.

Our photographic Promo Mats can also be used in bars, shops and restaurants to promote a new product or occasion. The opportunities are endless. 


Footfall Promo Mat benefits:Footfall Promo Mats - SSIEM Conference

  • product thickness is 1.4mm
  • can display high resolution graphics
  • raise brand awareness and contribute to increased sales
  • make the most of your floor space
  • easy to place an remove
  • non-slip rubber backing
  • low profile edges
  • sizes available:85 x 85, 100 x 100, 120 x 120Bespoke sizes up to a maximum of 150 x 600cm
  • lead time 4 weeks from artwork approval to delivery
  • artwork to be print-ready 

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Entrance Matting Systems…it’s a Multiple Deal!

michael_lyngIn today’s business world, image is all-important, and especially so if you are part of a multiple.

Branding plays a huge part where businesses are replicated from outlet to outlet and consistency of visual impact is vital.

Familiarity impacts in many ways on your customer, and a recognisable image instils an almost ‘psychological’ security by its subliminal messaging system – we all experience this comfort daily ourselves with the existence of many worldwide food restaurant chains, retail and grocery stores, home and DIY outlets, service and industry applications etc. which tell us in advance what we can expect to receive.

Footfall specialise in ensuring consistency in threshold image in multiples, and we understand the importance to you, our client, as much as to your customers. We currently are approved suppliers to many such groups or multiples – proof that when it comes to image, safety, product performance, cost efficiency and customer care, Footfall are the experts in our field of entrance matting systems.

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