Dust Mats

Dust Mats

  • Application: Dust mat suited to industrial, commercial, retail and business applications. Can be placed at entrance ways or in areas where soiling is likely to occur. Suitable for heavy foot traffic areas.
  • Product Detail: 
    • Solution-dyed nylon fibers provide superior colour and wash fastness.
    • 100 % Nitrile Rubber backing prevents curling and cracking in all types of weather.
    • Provides a strong bond between the rubber and the carpet.
    • High Twist heat set nylon fibers are resistant against crushing and allow dirt to filter into the mat rather than remaining on top of the carpeted surface.
    • Bleach / UV resistant.

    Sizes: 85 x 60cm, 85 x 115cm, 85 x 150cm, 85 x 300cm, 115 x 180cm, 200 x 200cm, 200 x 300cm

    Colour: Anthracite, Slate Grey, Blue Steel, Grey, Black Mink, Brown, Clear Red, Clear Black, Blue

    Materials: high-twist and heat set bi-colour nylon yarn with 100% nitrile rubber backing

    Weight: 820 gms/m²

    Lead time:  5-7 working days

    Additional Information:

    • 17 standard sizes
    • Excellent alternative to rental mats
    • Long lasting and washable
    • 100% nitrile rubber backed mats
    • Designed to pick up dirt and moisture in heavy traffic areas
    • Can be washed at high temperatures so are perfect for industrial applications where heavy soiling can occur

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