Slip, trips and falls

Slip, trips, and falls

Data from our government (State Claims Agency) has indicated that claims relating to slips, trips and falls between 2014 and 2018 have cost the state €363m in five years. The report from SCA highlighted that 47% of all claims were taken by staff members. The most effective way to save energy cost is quite simply don’t use it. We are not saying do not buy a logo mat, on the contrary, these mats are a great communication medium. In tandem with this thought process if you want a logo mat that is safer than your average mat please ensure that you purchase a mat with heavy-duty safety backing. While the safety backing uses more nitrile rubber and costs about €20 more it is significantly heavier making your mat more stable and less likely to migrate from its intended location, flip over or corrugate all of which can present itself as a trip hazard. Therefore when purchasing a loose-laid or logo mat pay extra attention to the thickness and the weight of the backing and help eliminate the potential for slip, trips, and falls.

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Author: Bernadette Curley