How a logo mat can help strengthen your brand















Logo mats are a simple but extremely effective way of creating a visual message for your client. They are suitable for businesses of every size and can reinforce your brand image or advertise your company/product while making the most of frequently bare floor space.

Businesses that have yet to experience the benefits of logo mats maybe don’t realise the potential of their bare floors for marketing and advertising. The floor space of a building is the biggest available area next to using the ceiling and is an effective communication space – so why not make the most of it?

Logo mats are perfect for everyday advertising, seasonal campaigns and events. They can help you launch or market new products and services or can be used simply to welcome your customers and clients. Good quality logo mats come with nitrile rubber backing, which is:

  • slip and tear resistant
  • resistant to most oils/chemicals

Logo mats are safe to use, easy to store and simple to maintain. They are washable up to 50ºC so that you can maintain them without the need for an expensive rental contract.

Our greatest advice when it comes to logo mats is to avoid using very light colours and keep them away from your entrance, where possible. This is because light colours will highlight stains, making the mats look grubby in a short space of time. Dark and bright colours will help to disguise stains and result in a much cleaner looking logo mat, that is easier to maintain. By placing your logo mat by a reception desk or a till, rather than at your entrance, you will also help to preserve the mats for longer by ensuring they do not bear the brunt of wet, dirty feet coming in off the street – think of your logo mat as an advertisement, rather than an entrance mat.

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