slip trip and fall photo

1) Cost Saving

Footfall matting is more than just a floor mat inside the door. It is a cost saving & customer service enhancing tool.  Large volumes of foot traffic bring large volumes of dirt, grit, water and more through your business entrance every day causing extensive soiling and damage.  Throwing your money into extensive cleaning and repairs and annually buying new floor mats does not make good business sense.  Footfall ‘s high quality, durable commercial matting products are specially designed to take the wear and tear of high foot traffic and prevent damaging outside elements from being tracked into your store thus saving you money and ensuring your premises remains inviting to your customers.

2) Safety

According to figures released by the Injuries Board (July 2014), slips, trips and falls were by far the main cause of public liability accidents, with compensation totalling €44m awarded in 2013. Accidents can be the result of wet floors, torn carpets, and loose mats. The last thing a retail store wants is having a customer or employee fall. Protect the patrons of your establishment as well as your business by investing in Footfall’s fixed entrance matting.

3) Happier workforce, happier customer.

Fatigue and stress levels from working in retail and standing for long hours can set in quickly for employees. Taking care of your work force should be a key business concern. Our Footfall anti-fatigue mats will help ensure that your employees stand longer and healthier and feel less fatigued throughout the working day – thus enhancing the level of customer care provided by your business.

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