For a short time not a long time

For a short time not a long time

While this may apply to all our lives, there is, possibly not a whole lot we can do about it.

Perhaps we are lucky enough to add a few years if we are careful.

Conversely logo mats can however be for a long time and not a short time. So, buyer beware and if the price seems too good to be true then it is likely not true. If the pile height (fabric) of your mat is 4mm and not 8mm and the backing is 0.8mm and not 3mm and the backing is PVC/vinyl and not nitrile rubber then you will be paying for what you get. The difference between buying a reliable top end German car and a lesser known brand.

Well the mat with the .8mm backing might be a real safety issue (they can blow in the wind when the door opens) and the next time the door opens your client is lying on their back.

The 4mm pile does not really absorb much moisture and there simply is not enough fabric.

The PVC vinyl backing begins to break down after 12 months which could lead to purchasing the same mats again as the reason you put your brand on the logo mat in the first place was for promotion of brand not destruction.

A tatty, torn bordered mat at your entrance is better used as a fuel source for generating electricity.

We provide PVC backed mats for low cost and limited life which we will not guarantee and high-quality nitrile rubber backed mats with a five-year guarantee at competitive cost.

About Author: Malcolm Goodbody