Helpful Tips

Why a logo mat?

Our logo mats create a striking, visual message for your client, while enhancing your brand and business image.

Logo mats are suitable for every business in Ireland, and can reinforce your brand/ advertise your company by making the most of your frequently bare floor space. Remember, your floor space is the biggest available area next to using the ceiling, and is an effective communication space – so why not make the most of it?

Logo mats are perfect for everyday advertising, seasonal campaigns and events. They can help you launch or market new products and services, or can be used simply to welcome your customers and clients


Where should my logo mat be placed?

Many customers want to place their logo mat at their entrance, to greet customers and clients as they enter the building. Here at we recommend that you don’t place your mat at your threshold.

The reason behind our thinking is that your logo mat will take too much soiling if placed directly at your entrance, and in the way of dirty, wet feet, resulting in a grubby look which could damage your brand image

We advise you to think of your logo mat as an advertisement, rather than an entrance mat, and place it further inside your building or business, e.g. at your reception desk, waiting area, lobby, display, counter or till. Correct placing of your mat is vital as it will keep your logo mat clean, reducing maintenance and extending the mat’s useful life while keeping your brand image fresh.


Photo mats

What can I put on my logo mat?

We have an essential colour palette of 150 colours for customers to choose from. Although we feel that big motifs and simple designs have the best impact, it is possible to blend and manipulate our colour palette to create thousands of colours, 3D effects, photographic reproduction, shading and shadowing. This means that logos of all shapes and sizes can be printed onto a logo mat.

For example, meet Poppy the Norwegian Elk Hound. This mat was produced from a high resolution photograph. You can send us a similar type of image in JPG or TIF format and we can create a similar mat for you, showing a much-loved pet, person or favourite image. These kind of logo mats make ideal gifts for Christmas or special occasions. For highly detailed mats we recommend a minimum size of 85 x 120cm.


Is one logo mat enough?

Of course how many logo mats you purchase is entirely up to you. We have no minimum quantity for placing an order, although we do recommend that you purchase at least two logo mats if you can. This means that while one logo mat is being washed and dried, you can have the other logo mat in place, proudly displaying your branding to your customers or clients.

To help keep your costs down, we are pleased to offer all our customers 10% off the price of a second mat if purchasing two of the same design. We also offer discounts on quantities of logo mats so please don’t hesitate to contact us for a competitive quotation if you are interested in buying multiple logo mats.


What backing should I choose?

  • We have two types of 100% nitrile rubber backing available – flat and gripper.
  • Flat backing is suitable for smooth floor surfaces such as tiles, wood, cement, vinyl etc.
  • Gripper backing is suitable for carpeted surfaces.
  • Choosing the right type of backing will ensure your mat has the best grip possible.

Additional 3mm backing is also recommended for larger sizes of logo mats, to created added weight (please go to our technical details page for more information)



Our logo mats are designed to be washed at temperatures up to 50ºC in domestic or industrial washing machines. You can also vacuum them, brush them, use pressure washers or regular carpet cleaners on them.

To help reduce maintenance on your logo mats we recommend choosing dark background colours, to help disguise daily staining, and strong contrasting colours rather than whites or pastel colours which tend to highlight stains.


Our Logo Mat Design Guidelines – for the optimum mat:

  1. Simple designs have the best impact – if your logo is complex, with fine detail or a lot of text, it can be compromised by the mat pile texture, particularly on smaller sizes. Big motifs and simple logos work best, and where possible opt for a larger size such as a 115 x 180cm mat (our most popular size).
  2. Background colours should be strong, as they will likely have to retain soiling to some level. Colours such as black, dark blue and grey are all strong background colours.
  3. Avoid whites and pastel colours. Use strong contrasting colours for high impact designs.
  4. Remember what works on your letterhead or website won’t always translate well to your floor. We would be happy to advise you on how to turn your company logo or design into the optimum logo mat – simply email us your logo and we will come back to you with our recommendations.
  5. For tiled areas choose flat rubber backing, with gripper backing for carpeting areas – for maximum grip on your logo mats.
  6. Don’t place your mat at your threshold as it will take too much soiling, resulting in a grubby look and damaging your brand. Think of your logo mat as an advertisement rather than an entrance mat and place it further inside your building or business, i.e. at a reception desk. For entrance matting solutions visit our parent company