Technical Info


Logo Mat Specification

Our washable logo mats are made from dyed high-twist nylon tufted pile with 100% nitrile rubber backing. A patented, highly advanced method of dyeing the tufted pile ensures a deep, intense colour penetration, for greater colour retention and longer life.

Product construction Dyed high twist nylon tufted pile with 100% nitrile rubber backing
Fabric weight 965 gms/m2
Total weight 2450 gms/m2
Pile height 8.5 mm
Border thickness 2.1 mm
Fire classification ISO 13501, rated Cfl-s1
Energy® backing Allows optimum elimination of water during extraction process (reduces/eliminates drying time)
Laundering Washable at less than 50°

Sizes available

Our logo mats come in a range of standard sizes, and we can create custom lengths at widths of 85cm, 115cm, 150cm up to 8m in length, or logo mats at a width of 200cm up to 6m in length.

We recommend our heavier 3mm heavy-duty safety backing for large logo mats, as the additional backing will give the mat further weight and stability.

Our standard sizes are:

60 x 85cm 85 x 300cm 150x200cm
75 x 85cm 115 x 180cm 150 x 240cm
85 x 115cm 115 x 200cm 150x300cm
85 x 120cm 115 x 240cm 150 x 250cm
85 x 150cm 115 x 250cm 200 x 200cm
85 x 200cm 115x300cm 200 x 300cm

 Colours available

You can choose from 150 colours to create your logo mat. Colours can also be blended to create endless possibilities and effects such as shadowing, shading and photographic reproduction. 

Rubber backing

Our logo mats are manufactured with our latest generation of 100% nitrile rubber backing. The major benefits to using this form of backing over traditional rubber backing are:

Strengthened rubber borders for increased resistance to tearing and greater  durability

Heavyweight backing for better floor stability and resistance to rippling

Lighter weight construction for improved ergonomics during servicing – whilst respecting the environment

Does not stain

Resistant to grease, oil, fuel, and chemicals

Ability to withstand extreme temperatures from -40 °C to +108 °C

There are two choices of backing when creating your logo mat:

Gripper backing reduces movement across carpeted areas

Flat backing is ideal for smooth/hard floors such as wood, tiles, vinyl, cement etc

For larger logo mats we recommend choosing a thicker 3mm rubber backing to further increase weight and stability.